Earlier this week, the man/alien responsible for The Room announced the return of his follow-up project The Neighbors, and also took the opportunity to get some promo for his underwear line. While Wiseau has been spreading word of his signature line of undergarments at midnight screenings of The Room over the past year, he has finally launched a (semi) functioning website where you can purchase Wiseau underwears so that they may be your underwears. For now, the women's section directs to the men's section, but the Tommy Wiseau Underwear site very helpfully has underwear available for sale in various sections, but also in a separate "underwear" section.

All the pieces have TOMMY WISEAU USA tastefully labeled across the waistband as well as his TW trademark elegantly sewn into the fabric. Men's are available in stylish briefs and trunks, as well as boxer briefs that are erroneously labeled as boxers. Red, white, and blue options are available, a classic tri-color combination that works for all seasons, namely party inside season and party outside season. You can also order a pair with a special edition gold-and-black waistband.

Regardless of the style or color, though, rest assured that each pair is made with that patented Wiseau craftsmanship that will most definitely keep your shit tight whether you're running Bay to Breakers or rage-humping red dresses. They're sure to sell out quickly, so hurry up and cop these bulge pockets at TommyWiseau.com. How else are you gonna prevent this leering creep from sliding into your girl's DMs?

tommy wiseau underwear

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