Tommy Wiseau, director/star/writer of cult classic The Room, has resurrected his follow-up project The Neighbors, announcing a September 2014 premiere for the sitcom. He's presumably doing this to capitalize on the momentum built from the release of Greg Sestero's Room tell-all and the James Franco-helmed movie about the book about the movie, because he is nothing if not a savvy businessman (case in point: he once rented a billboard for some four years to advertise his film, and immediately began marketing the drama as a black comedy after people laughed their way out of the premiere).

And, being a clever man of industry, Wiseau announced the return with a teaser clip that, what else, pimps both the show and his line of Wiseau underwear, and it is just as creepy and nonsensical as you'd expect. The Neighbors also got a new website, promoting the series "FROM THE MAKER OF THE ROOM" and a few things are apparent from this promotional push: 1) Wiseau has finally figured out how to use HD film. 2) Wiseau's command of the English language has not improved in the past decade. 3) Wiseau still only knows how to tell stories that take place in apartment complexes. 4) Characters in Wiseau's universe still only drink while standing up, so if you were worried that the fame would make Tommy lose his artistic authenticity, breathe easy.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Room, well, there's not much we can do to catch you up except say GO SEE IT RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT IS SO MIND-FUCKINGLY BAD. It is so much more than just un-self aware, unintentional humor. There's LEVELS to its dysfunction and Wiseau's ineptitude, and it will consume your goddamn soul as you try to instill logic into the proceedings.

Watch the trailers for both The Room and The Neighbors below:

[via AV Club]

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