As men, we love to think that we're the center of the universe. We're so deep into our bubbles with ESPN, football, and fire ass websites like ANTENNA, that we often forget that women run shit — especially during NY Fashion Week. While we may believe men's fashion is getting bigger, it's still only a dot on the map vs. the gigantic scope of womenswear, and men are outnumbered, like, a bazillion to one at most unisex fashion show presentations (don't quote us on those statistics).

We thought it'd be cool to highlight some of the women of NYFW and awe in all of their glory, because no matter what we may wear as men, women just always look so much cooler in photos. Check out some of the women we saw this week. Also, be sure to follow our resident NYFW photographer Camilo Fuentealba over on his Instagram @color_noise.

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