For SS15, General Idea wanted to go back to basics to help show who they really are — interesting prints, black, and all-around awesome clothing. There was a heavy absence of color throughout the collection (colors suck), plus abstract seams that helped create appealing geometrical shapes that didn't look as contrived as other brands' attempts to do the same in the past. We really noticed a heavy influence of modern NY men's style with the longer proportions, side zippers, bomber jackets, and the use of neoprene, a very popular fabric right now. It feels like the collection would be perfect for the guy who wants to take it a step further than John Elliot + Co. and make the transition into a more eccentric and unique space, without being TOO weird.

Some of our favorite looks:

— Baseball Jersey in slide 3.

— Neoprene Patchwork Bomber jacket AND the Skirted Shorts in slide 6.

— The all-leather ensemble in slide 18. (Leather in the summer — so crazy we have to respect it.)

This was a very solid showing from General Idea and we're hoping to see bigger and better things from the brand in the future.

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