Supreme has been on the forefront of manufacturing hype for a while now but their upcoming collaboration is flat-out panic-inducing on a few levels.

Sure, they’ve worked with Nike before, but a Supreme Air Jordan collaboration sounds damn near mythical as they both warrant release day wait times on their own. Well, as you probably know by now, the release isn’t a myth at all and with the third colorway, they’ve not only completed the trifecta but also nabbed our Sneaker of the Week slot for the third time in a row.

When we got our first glance at the Supreme and Air Jordan 5 Desert Storm, we expected to be taken for a very wild ride but in the days following we were proven otherwise. The Supreme and Air Jordan 5 Black was much more straightforward and this latest look continues on in that mode with a white leather upper, black lining and red trim on the outsole. Unfortunately, the image floating around is on the grainy side so it’s hard to get a definite read on the colors, but it’s safe to say that they went for a slightly more subdued look this time around.

We are still missing one key bit of information however regarding the release date so set your Google alerts accordingly. Now that we’ve seen all three, which pair are you going to be chasing after? Good luck getting them.

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