If you've been paying attention to Letterman at all recently, then you're aware the host has been sporting major wood for rock. Most recently, Dave went so bananas when The Orwells performed that he invited them back just a few months later. While the pleasure of a well-executed old school rock ripper is undeniable, St. Vincent is from a completely different (art) school of rock. So when she brought her odd synchronized dance moves and bursts of alien-processed mecha-shredding to the Late Show, Letterman's reaction wasn't so much giddy as it was awestruck and confused. And that's how you know she is the future of the genre.

Annie Clark and her band brought the skronky, synthy "Bring Me Your Loves" to the show, and it was the exact type of robotic performance piece that has made her tour so compelling. This followed a special 11-song, web-only set from the Ed Sullivan Theater on Wednesday night (July 16), but the actual show performance aired last night, and it was worth the wait.

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