After the success of Skyfall, all Spectre needed to do was announce a release date and audiences would flock to the 24th James Bond adventure without any help. Its posters don’t even have to be particularly clever – all they need is Daniel Craig’s handsome mug, a gun, and maybe a sharp-looking suit. The latest poster has all of that and some guy in a creepy skull mask, so let’s call this one a little better than average.

Revealed on the official 007 Twitter feed, this one-sheet should inspire immediate (and perhaps slightly irrational) excitement in any old school Bond fan. It’s been a long time since James Bond has donned a white tuxedo (complete with boutonnière!), so it’s fun to see this old-school fashion choice get prominent placement in the film’s marketing.

That jacket already recalled the Roger Moore films of the ’70s and ’80s, but the placement of that skull-masked figure just screams Live and Let Die, which featured the voodoo-inspired villain Baron Samedi (who painted his face in a similar fashion). We know from set photos that Spectre begins in Mexico City during Dia de Muertos and that character is surely from that sequence, but there’s no way this was an accident. Spectre is reaching deep into Bond lore for its villains and plot points. It’s not surprising at all that the marketing will massage us right in the nostalgia.

Spectre opens in theaters on November 6, 2015.


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