Upon its return to shelves, the Nike Air Presto made quite an impact but that doesn’t mean that it is done impressing. The model doesn’t wanna just be your summer fling, it also wants to help you get through those cold winter nights. Nike has added some heft to the runner and enabled it to stick around. It looks so good that it has been selected as our Sneaker of the Week.

The Nike Air Presto Utility Mid turns the rugged runner into a bit of a boot with an extended ankle and heavier materials. The upper still maintains its formfitting comfort that we’ve come to know and love it for, along with a heel cup that offers stability and support. The branding is barely visible through the milky white plastic but the swoosh logo is also spotted on the toe and side panel as well.

You can officially cop these Nike Air Presto Utility Mids right now at select retailers, including Premier who has them stocked for $140 a pair.


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