The Air Jordan XXX1 was finally unveiled, and in doing so, they had to borrow a theme from the first brick in the house that Jordan built.

The Air Jordan 1 in it’s infamous BRED colorway that was banned— by the NBA, that is— and in fully capitalizing off of the connection, Nike is bringing the model back. That’s right, the Air Jordan 1 Banned is coming back soon, and that is the kind of release that is absolutely worthy of being our Sneaker of the Week.

We all know the model and colorway by now but seeing it always feels like the first time. As usual, the model is cast in leather and toggles between black and red with a white midsole. It’s a simple style but the amount of weight it holds is undeniable. The last release of the colorway featured a tonal X on the heel and this style doesn’t, which makes them even more of a catch for anyone looking for exclusive heat.

These are set to hit Nike retailers on September 3 and they will probably sell out before the close of the business day, so be on your p’s and q’s if you want 'em.


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