We live in a world where Hudson Mohawke debuts new music in an Apple ad and Kanye West premieres new material in an adidas ad, and both tracks were absolute monsters. Selling out is glorious and whoever thinks otherwise can go back to beating off on their Bleach cassette, for real. Rustie is the latest to tap into some commercial appeal, previewing new song "Velcro" in an adidas commercial featuring Lionel Messi.

The Green Language track delivers on the same bright, swirling electro-excess that we heard on his Danny Brown collab "Attak" and previous album cut "Raptor," which means the LP is shaping up to be a technicolor juggernaut. Check out the track preview below.

We honestly can't decide which release were more amped for, HudMo's Chimes EP (out September 30) or Rustie's Green Language (out August 26). We are truly #blessed.

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