We've already gone on record pointing out that Robin Thicke's cornball publicity stunt of trying to get his wife Paula Patton back via music cements his status as pop's reigning cheesedick. The stalker-y hype cycle will hit a fever pitch today (July 1) as the album Paula drops — so it's no surprise that the guy who at'd Vevo on a tweet about getting his wife back is engaging in a VH1-sponsored Twitter Q&A to celebrate the LP's release. It's also no surprise that the #AskThicke experience was an unmitigated PR disaster, as The Guardian points out.

Trolls (although, if being anti-Thicke makes you a troll, then aren't we all?) inundated the hashtag all morning with snarky questions about his aggressively creepy campaign to get Paula back, his questionable "Blurred Lines" lyrics, and his overall skeeziness. (Not to mention, the album just isn't very good... not that that would make this whole spectacle any less sordid.) By the time Thicke actually started the session, he could only withstand 20 minutes before wrapping things up.

Below, let the relaxing waters of Robin Thicke schadenfreude wash over you. You know you want it:

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