Vulture just did God's work in uncovering Robin Thicke's cinematic acting debut in a straight-to-VOD movie called Making the Rules (originally called Abby in the Summer). Apparently the film was made in 2012 and is only now seeing a (minuscule) release, and upon watching the "greatest" hits clip they cobbled together below, you can immediately see why it was kept out of the public's eye for so long.

Jaime Pressly stars alongside a pre-"Blurred Lines" Thicke, and the two engage in an affair and lots of low-talking and Thicke obviously went full-on method for the role of lead cheesedick. The production, acting, and cinematography are nearly Room-level in their shoddiness, and clearly Alan Thicke did not pass along the Good Actor genes. 

At least now we know all of Robin's Paula stuff wasn't an act (we don't know if that makes the Paula fiasco better or worse).

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