Were you wondering how the head coach who made one of the dumbest play calls of all time felt when that dumb play, unsurprisingly, failed? Fortunately, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was mic'd up during the Super Bowl, so we can all watch and hear exactly how he reacted when Russell Wilson's pass landed in the arms of New England cornerback Malcolm Brown, sealing the Patriots' victory.

Arguments over whether Carroll should have just handed the ball off to his star running back Marshawn Lynch instead will likely continue for years (he should have, duh). But clearly Carroll thought he had picked a winning play. His reaction, or rapid series of reactions -- pure shock followed by immediate recognition of failure and the death of his dream of back-to-back titles -- reveals that even the most successful NFL coaches are human too.

Except Bill Belichick, of course. He's more machine than man.

And just for fun, here's how Tom Brady saw things from his side of the field:

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