Nicki Minaj is a great rapper and an important figure in hip-hop. And though she flaunts her otherworldly body on social media, she is a terrrrible Instagram follow. Nicki Minaj has one of the wackest Instagram accounts in music. She's your friend who goes on vacation, then plugs in the USB and auto-loads the entire camera roll onto Facebook — no curation, complete disregard for making people scroll through images that were taken seconds apart, quantity over quality. Her posts should come with a Sponsored label.

If you want to see sexy Nicki pics, you can Google them. We in the blog world follow her and sift through her cyclone of sponsored garbage and burst-mode selfies so you don't have to. You don't need to swim through a flood of endless Twitter screencaps to see her tits, dog! There are other ways! Trying to catch a glimpse of a sexy selfie just isn't worth the effort required to flick through countless wine spritzer ads.

The Nicki Minaj Instagram Experience is perhaps best represented by that time she spent an entire day posting photos from her appearance on HSN like appearing on HSN and then relentlessly Gramming it wasn't the tackiest motherfucking thing in the world. All those lowlights and more are up top in our Case Against Nicki Minaj's Instagram.

All photos from @nickiminaj

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