National Beer Day is here, so what better to pay tribute to the drink than by learning some more about it so you can impress your friends the next time you're enjoying a pitcher at your local watering hole?

Yes, National Beer Day is April 7 -- don't act like it's not circled on your calendar -- so get set for a 5-pack of facts (even if 6-pack clearly makes more sense).

From the pretty obvious (it's probably as popular as you think) to the pretty surprising (there's actually a name for fear of an empty beer glass) to the pretty expensive (the cost of the most priciest beer going will make you shudder), you'll drink in all the info -- whether you remember it all, though, depends on exactly how much you've had to drink.

It just proves that National Beer Day is definitely wonderful and necessary to make the likes of National Hangover Day a thing, too.

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