We know what you’re thinking: Another viral video of a kid singing a classic rock song? But trust us: You ain’t heard nothin’ like 7-year-old Jesús del Río’s jaw-dropping rendition of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

Del Río delivered his instantly iconic performance on a recent episode of Spanish singing competition La Voz Kids (The Voice Kids). As soon as the song’s crunchy guitar riff kicks in, all four coaches perk up during the blind audition. By the time del Río finishes his first lyric, they’re slamming the buttons on their chairs to turn around and face the stage. Once he reaches the soaring chorus, the coaches and audience are all standing, dancing, clapping and cheering rapturously.

From the start, del Río's performance would have gone down in  La Voz Kids history as one of the show’s best — but then he hits that extended, ear-piercing final note, eyes wide and face red, looking like his head might pop off his neck, and the crowd goes bananas.

The coaches rush the stage to hug del Río as soon as he finishes singing. You don’t need a translator to understand that they’re showering him with praise as his family watches and smiles tearfully.

Del Río then has a big choice to make: Who will he select as his coach? After listening to all their pitches, the pint-sized rocker settles on Spanish singer-songwriter Melendi.

The clip of del Río's performance has racked up more than 2.2 million YouTube views so far. No doubt he'll have plenty of exciting opportunities ahead of him with a set of pipes like that. Who knows: If AC/DC hit the road soon, maybe del Río will get to join Angus Young, Brian Johnson and Co. onstage for a kick-ass intergenerational duet.

Watch Jesús del Río Sing AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' on 'La Voz Kids'


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