If your kickball team needs an infusion of talent, of celebrity, of media savvy, you will not do better than Marshawn Lynch. He's still got a few weeks off before the NFL starts back up again, so you better ask him quick. (Wow, that is much sooner that we had thought -- how is it mid-July already?)

The guy who absolutely should've gotten the ball at the end of the Super Bowl (you remember all that, right?) stepped up to the plate during a charity kickball game and reminded everyone watching that professional athletes in their primes are really good at sports. Just watch that first kick -- where the hell did that ball even go? Straight into space? Is it still going up? Is it currently circumnavigating the planet? At least with the second kick, we can see the ball coming down, albeit waaaaaaay far away, so maybe this guy is human after all.

Maybe Marshawn can form a team with this guy:

We bet they'd win.

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