Mad Max: Fury Road came out all the way back in May, and even though vocal enthusiasm from the action opus’ passionate fanbase hasn’t faded in the months since, it still feels like it’s been a while. The Fury Road superfans may be starting to despair at the thought of a lifetime spent without the precious privilege of their favorite movie on the big screen, in the theater, as it was meant to be seen. But in an interview with Screen Daily,  Mad Max mastermind George Miller hinted that the faithful might not have seen the last of Max Rockatansky at their neighborhood cineplexes.

In the interview, Miller and Fury Road producer Doug Mitchell teased that a second theatrical run of Fury Road was not out of the question for 2016, though they were not able to confirm this possibility either. A Fury Road revival would probably be something of a smash; ever since it opened in May, the film has steadily gained in acolytes and amassed a considerable cult following. Especially with the film currently poised to pick up some key awards in the coming months, Fury Road’s public profile could experience a nice spike. It’s hard to imagine anyone objecting to the idea of more Mad Max in theaters, but then again, people are very good at objecting to things, so who knows.

What we do know is that the version that’d roar into theaters (all shiny and chrome) would play in black-and-white, as opposed to the film’s distinctive oversaturated orange-and-teal color palette. Miller confirmed in the interview that the monochrome cut was his original artistic intent adding a little bump of legitimacy to the silent, greyscale edit that surfaced online earlier this year before being hastily taken down by Warner Bros. Originally rumored to be an extra on the Blu-ray release, the black-and-white cut turns Fury Road into a different film, that much is sure. Whether it is better will be up for future audiences to decide.

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