Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter are hitting Comic-Con 2015 this week, with O’Brien broadcasting his nightly talk show live from San Diego and moderating the panel for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. But first the duo have to get to San Diego, and they’re going there in style — Mad Max: Fury Road style.

In very special video above, O’Brien plays Doof Warrior to Richter’s Immortan Joe (or Immortan Andy) as they head down the Fury Road to Comic-Con 2015. Along the way, we see what it might be like if Immortan Joe tried to drink coffee or eat a hot dog, and what happens when Doof Warrior Conan’s guitar-wailing is too loud for Immortan Andy to hear his GPS. There’s also a bit of witnessing with the silver spray paint — they live, they die, they live again, etc.

George Miller and Warner Bros. debuted the first footage from Mad Max: Fury Road at last year’s Comic-Con, completely blowing away the audience in Hall H. And while Marvel and Jurassic World have been killing it at the box office this year, we’re probably going to look back on 2015 and remember Fury Road most of all.

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