We know, we know—smoking isn’t cool anymore. The last remaining holdouts who still puff look shriveled up and miserable as they huddle together outside of bars and office buildings, shunned and ashen degenerates relegated to a life of stinky threads and ragged lungs.

However, there are still three people we can think of who defy the odds and look ridiculously fly when they smoke cigs: Don Draper, Indonesian TerRio and Lana Del Rey. Since Don isn't real and that poor kid quit (finally), that means Lana Del Rey is the only person left on this doomed planet who actually looks cool engaging in this forbidden act.

And so, after doing you all the service of presenting 22 photos of Lana putting things in or near her mouth, we've now compiled 11 photos of Lana making smoking look sexy. Smoking is a terrible, dangerous, generally disgusting habit that will kill you. But we were all born to die, and Lana's here to show us how.

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