As we've seen on his appearances on talk shows and in his own lyrics, Killer Mike is not only politically aware but also not afraid to talk about it. So when Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders came to Atlanta in November, the Run the Jewels rapper sat down with him at his barber shop to talk about America's current issues as well as the politician's stance on each one.

In the video series Talking Show with Bernie Sanders & Killer Mike, the two men have an hour-long conversation regarding the state of the economy, gun control, healthcare and what Sanders refers to as "democratic socialism."

"No I am talking about, when I talk about democratic socialism, is to make sure that in the richest country in the world, which is what we have right now, is that everybody has, at least, a minimal standard of living," Senator Sanders explains. "And some dignity as a result of that."

Mike then asked Sanders why he's different from the rest of the politicians running for president.

"I think it' safe to say that my political career is different than anybody else's," he responds, "because I didn't get into politics to figure out how I can become president or senator. I got into the politics because I give a damn. Because I do think it's an outrage that we have people sitting out on the streets in this country."

You can find the videos on Killer Mike's Facebook page and YouTube account. Even better, just watch the video stream above.

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