Kanye West has returned from his Australian tour and is about to hit the studio with Lorde, according to Page Six. (Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to collab with her in Oz, since she's from the neighboring New Zealand?)

The New York Post tabloid claims "sources" told them Ye is going to collaborate with the teen singer. For what it's worth, Lorde has covered "Flashing Lights" and "Hold My Liquor" in concert this year, and cites West as an influence.

We have to wonder if this will go the way of that purported Kanye-Miley "Black Skinhead" remix, which was supposedly in the works a year ago... Maybe Yeezy is just loading his new album with young pop singers, which kinda makes sense since it would be just about the only way to shock everyone again after the initial shock of Yeezus. Although, he did link up with the ancient Paul McCartney, so who the fuck knows. As always with Kanye, we won't know 'til we know.

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