We all know that Kanye West loves himself, but one creative Australian designer took it to another level. Graffiti artist Scott Marsh created an amazing mural of West kissing himself.

On Friday (March 18), Marsh posted on his Instagram page a photo of his 20-foot-tall mural creation of Yeezy lip-locking with himself. The picture found its way onto Reddit early Saturday morning (March 19) and went instantly viral.

The artwork is covering the entire wall of the building and it's truly a grandiose piece of art. Props to Marsh on replicating the exact details of a photoshopped image that went viral last February.

This isn't Marsh's first large-scale piece of art. The 32-year-old artist also painted a gigantic Notorious B.I.G. portrait at the Lord Gladstone Hotel to celebrate the late Brooklyn rapper's death this month.

There's no word on Kanye West's response to Scott Marsh's rather unique portrait of Yeezy.

For now, the "Kanye West Kissing Himself" mural has become a tourist attraction where couples take selfies kissing each other. You gotta love that.

What do you think of Scott Marsh’s Kanye West mural? Tell us in the comments below.

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