Kanye West is officially trolling his fans. The 38-year-old rapper changed the name of his album -- again. But this time he's added an extra bonus.

The new album name is T.L.O.P. and the "Runaway" rapper is offering tickets to Yeezy Season 3 along with a pair of the latest Yeezys to anyone who can guess what the acronym stands for.

This is the fourth time 'Ye changed the name of his forthcoming album that started out as So Help Me God then Swish followed by Waves. But at least this name change comes with an incentive.

“That’s the new album anybody who can figure out the title gets tickets to Season 3 and free Yeezys," tweeted Kanye with the news last night (Feb. 9) around 1 a.m.

Yesterday, Ye tweeted that there may be a "new secret album title" for the forthcoming project and it seems this is what he meant. T.L.O.P. -- if that's really it's real name -- is scheduled to drop on Thursday (Feb. 11).

Ye also announced that for Season 4, he'll be working on only children's clothes.

So far, here are a few of our guesses: The Love of P----, The Love of Power or The Life of Paparazzi.

Others have also thrown in their thoughts for a chance to win.

"TIDAL Lost Our Pennies," "This Level of Pettiness," "Total Love of Pizza" and "Tiny Lil Ol Perv" are some of our favorites.

Another tweeter shared an interested theory as well. "Kanye probably gonna use the best acronym we come up with and let that be the album title," read the tweet.

Did we win, Kanye? What do you think T.L.O.P. stands for? Let us know your guesses in the comments and check out what others are guessing below.

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