We know from Kanye West himself that his new single is called "All Day" and that it's dropping very soon, but now we may have an idea of who's behind the track's production. The streets (i.e. the internet) up and decided that a newcomer by the name of Velous scored a credit on the track, and a quick look at the producer/singer/rapper's Twitter page certainly seems to confirm that based on his retweets of posts saying he's the song's producer.

So who exactly is Velous? Well, he's this guy, so maybe Ye's sending a message to Drake:

The New York multi-hyphenate recently signed with French Montana's Coke Boys, and Montana told the Village Voice that during a studio session, West picked "like two beats" from him. We already know French and Kanye worked together on a handful of new tracks on both their upcoming albums, so while that Velous production could be for a Yeezy collab on French's Mac & Cheese 4, all signals indicate it's for the Yeezus follow-up.

Now we just gotta wonder when Kanye will fuck up our sleeping schedules by dropping the new track unannounced at some ungodly hour.

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