That right there is Denver Nuggets big man Jusuf Nurkic adding insult to injury by not-so-politely handing the ball to an on-the-ground Markieff Morris, after Nurkic backed him down for an easy two points. Sure, Nurkic may have gotten a technical for his actions, but that's totally worth it. The Nuggets are crap this year anyway, might as well have some fun out there.  

And by the way, this sort of thing is perfectly in character for the brazen 6-foot-11 Bosnian rookie. Here he is taunting DeMarcus Cousins -- DeMarcus Cousins! -- after burying a jumper:  

And last but not least, here's Nurkic rejecting All Star Marc Gasol then scoffing at him:

You may be wondering, where does this Jusuf Nurkic get the nerve to disrespect already-established NBA superstars? Probably from his 7-foot-tall, 400-pound cop of a dad. Seriously.

Let's hope Nurkic sticks around a few more years. He seems fun.