This is definitely not what they mean they say you should go along for the ride.

Swiss pilot Yves Rossi -- aka Jetman -- teamed up with fellow stuntman Vince Reffet to fly next to, over, below and behind an Emirates A380 jumbo jet at about 4,000 feet above Dubai while a nearby chopper captured the breathtaking footage.

It's really a glorified ad for Emirates airline. And while it is inarguably cool, can you imagine if you were on a plane in the Middle East and peeked out your window to see two guys flying along? You wouldn't think it's cool -- you'd be bending over in your seat saying a few Hail Marys while also praying the pilot gets on the horn with ground control, pronto.

The duo, known as Jetman Dubai, said it was no easy feat pulling off this stunt (as if you thought it was):

The carefully choreographed aerial showcase involved the world’s largest passenger aircraft flying at 4,000 feet in two holding patterns. The A380 aircraft was then joined by the Jetman Dubai duo, experienced pilots and operators of the smallest jet propelled wing, who were deployed from a helicopter that hovered above the aircraft at 5,500 feet.

Of course, Rossy is no stranger to testing the limits of unorthodox air travel. See some of his previous work below: