A couple weeks ago, swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen threw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game, while possibly definitely intoxicated and wearing a jersey that said "40 Nugz" on it — as in, 40 McNuggets because she's drunk and hungry for McNuggets do we really have to explain this? Anyway, it was cool and all.

But then Jessica Alba had to go and do this yesterday. Just go ahead and click play.

You can actually hear a woman's voice from behind the camera blurt out, "Look at her, she's so cute! I love her!" And we couldn't agree more. LOOK AT HER. SHE'S SO CUTE. I LOVE HER.

First of all, she's legitimately warming up before her first pitch. Dedication to the game is sexy. Then she bounces up on that mound all bubbly and excited. Then she puts her adorably cute game face on — she really, really wants to throw out a good first pitch. CUTENESS RISING. She got the ball from the rubber to home plate, which is more than most celebrities can say. More importantly, how did Scott Van Slyke not melt on the spot when she flashed that smile after the pitch? Is he a robot?

Without a doubt, Jessica Alba has set the modern standard for cute chicks throwing out first pitches at baseball games. Yes, that's a thing now.

[via YouTube]

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