Here we have an ingenious guy who's figured out a way to open any Master combination lock. Is this a skill you need to learn? Probably not! But you never know when something like this might just come in handy.

We haven't yet tried this technique out, but you kinda get the idea it's not quite as simple as this guy makes it seem. That "resistant location" part seems likely to flummox anyone on his first attempt. Who knows, maybe it really is that easy, And in that case, does Master know about this guy? Has Master's stock price plummeted with each viewing of this video? Would you feel that your stuff is safe behind a Master lock now, after watching this? Maybe it's time we all invested in some biometric security. You can't fake a fingerprint, right? Or a retina scan. Except in movies, where they do it all the damn time. NOTHING IS SAFE.

You can probably file this alongside that How to Escape From Handcuffs With Just a Paper Clip thing from a few weeks ago. Just some odd, rarely used skills that you probably hope you'll never have to use.

To be clear: Don't steal stuff! We are not suggesting that you go around opening up other people's combo locks and taking things that don't belong to you. Got that?! This knowledge should only be used for your own personal benefit. Okay, we trust you.

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