Aaron Marino has a video series called 'How to Be a Gentleman,' and one of his latest entries is on how to argue -- something most of us think we know how to do, but really we're pretty bad at it. Now, it's not a lesson you'd get in Debate Club or at Harvard Law or anything; rather, it's a helpful series of tips on how you can engage in a back-and-forth with someone without things getting ugly.

It's good to keep in mind that while you may think you're arguing honorably and mannerly, you may be breaking a few rules without even realizing. This can be particularly good to remember this holiday season, when many of us find ourselves trapped indoors with family members who, shall we say, think differently.

Be sure to watch the full video, as Marino explains these nine points clearly and concisely:

  1. Argue fairly
  2. Respect what the other person is saying
  3. Attack the point, not the person
  4. Don't bring up the past
  5. Be open to new ideas
  6. Admit when you're wrong
  7. Apologize when appropriate
  8. Know when to agree to disagree
  9. Know when to walk away

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