Hodor. Hodor! Many fans of Game of Thrones know by now that Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, moonlights as a DJ. And now Nairn has decided to cross the Narrow Sea and do a DJ tour in the US, so get ready to turn the fuck up at the Rave of Thrones Tour, which hits our shores on October 10. Fans are encouraged to wear their best GoT garb at the shows.

The reason for the tour? [MILD SPOILER ALERT] Hodor and Bran Stark won't appear in the next season of the hit HBO series, so Nairn has some free time on his hands now that he's not Hodoring the paralyzed highborn warg all across the realm.

Check out the full poster and list of tour dates below. Winter is coming.

hodor game of thrones tour poster dj

[via EDM.com]

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