If you go see Furious 7, there’s a lot to enjoy. From cars parachuting out of airplanes to Vin Diesel and Jason Statham fighting to The Rock walking down a city street shooting a helicopter out of the sky with a giant gatling gun. But, there are some smaller moments you might want to keep your eye out for too. Namely, some fun Furious 7 easter eggs for fans of the franchise and The Rock.

If you’ve paid attention to the trailers so far, you know that at least at some point in the movie, The Rock is in the hospital with a cast on his left arm. A cast he quickly breaks off his arm by flexing his muscle. But, one fan noticed that while he’s in the hospital, he’s watching some football on TV. What’s he watching? This play right here:


That’s from the November 16, 1991, game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida State Seminoles. That defensive tackle — No. 94 — you see sacking the quarterback is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So, The Rock, as Hobbs, is sitting in a hospital bed watching a football game where The Rock, as Dwayne Johnson, is making a big play. World are colliding!

We haven’t been able to 100 percent confirm that is indeed what is showing on his TV screen, but a number of people have posted to saw that they noticed the exact same thing.

While Johnson would get injured that season, derailing his NFL career, his team went on to win the National Championship and Johnson went on to become The Rock. (Side note: when he was injured, Johnson was replaced by future NFL Hall of Fame player Warren Sapp.)

Another quick Easter egg is another time Hobbs has the TV on in his hospital room, he's watching an old episode of The Incredible Hulk, a call back to Fast and Furious 6 when Tej (Ludacris) refers to Hobbs as The Hulk, saying, “Now we work for the Hulk?”

There’s likely even more in there for Fast and Furious fans, so if you notice anything else, drop us a line.

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