With so much action and so much story to pack into each Fast and Furious film, it’s inevitable that at least a few pieces of the narrative will get left on the cutting room floor — you know, to make room for more cars jumping from buildings and planes and whatever else they can use as launchpads for cars. This deleted scene from the upcoming Furious 7 Blu-ray may have been quite useful in the actual movie itself, as it explains just where the hell Letty ran off to and what she did during that whole “I need to go find my memories” part of the story.

Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty has had quite the dramatic story arc over the course of seven films — we thought she was dead at the end of Fast & Furious, then she switched teams in Fast Six, and then she came back in Furious 7 with amnesia and no recollection of her past life with Dom and the gang. So Letty decides to run off in the middle of the movie to go figure out who she is and what her old life was like, and…that’s the last we see of her until the end, when she shows up to reunite with her pals just in time for the big finale. At that point, she’s magically recovered her memories, but how, exactly?

The deleted scene above, which debuted over at the Wall Street Journal, shows us where Letty went during that time, and it features a little cameo from Gal Gadot’s Gisele, who apparently took Letty to an emergency clinic on the border to save her life. Gisele is actually, like, for-real-dead in the film series and it’s highly unlikely that she’ll be resurrected given Gadot’s new commitments to playing Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. All we saw of Gisele in the finished film was a photograph, so it’s cool to see that they originally planned to incorporate her in a slightly bigger way.

Furious 7 hits DVD and Blu-ray on September 12.

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