It seems like designer Hiroshi Fujiwara has been responsible for some of Nike's brighter moments as of late. Anytime Fragment Design pops up, you can bet your bottom dollar that the product is worth lining up for and will almost immediately sell out. Well, Fuijiwara is back at it with the Nike Air Trainer 1 and based on all parties involved alone, it's a shoe-in for our Sneaker of the Week.

Fujiwara uses this collaboration as an opportunity to pay tribute to the tennis scene in Paris and more specifically, the clay courts that the sport is played upon. Those courts directly inform the sneaker’s colorways as we are given a red leather model with a white sole and a tan suede version with hits of chocolate leather on the mid-foot strap. This is the type of sneaker set that you won't want to separate, which means you'll probably end up blowing all of your cash on both pairs.

These kicks are available now at Nikelab in Paris, which pretty much means that if you're reading this, it's too late. The good news is that there will be a wider release to other Nikelab stores in the near future.

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