There are very few men who can successfully get away with a mustache (we’re looking at you, Tom Selleck), yet for generations there have been many styles of mustaches – and beards, for that matter – that have been popular.

BuzzFeed does an important work of community service in this video highlighting facial hair trends over the last 200 years.

From the coolly-named chin curtain favored by Abraham Lincoln to the now-creepy looking Chevron of the ‘80s to the present-day lumbersexual, it’s plain to see men have found plenty of ways to turn their facial hair into a true fashion statement.

How these styles came to be is another discussion, entirely, and possibly one worth having. (Seriously, that Chevron look is disturbing. Was everyone just so coked up in the ‘80s that we were too high to notice?)

Are there any mustaches or beards you’d like to see make a comeback? And, just like the video asks, what do you think the future holds. Go ahead and debate – we’re just going to run to the bathroom and shave.

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