If ever there was a remake that’s perfect for Dwayne Johnson, Big Trouble in Little China is it. The actor also sometimes known as The Rock has come on board to star in and produce the remake of John Carpenter’s classic action flick, stepping into the role originated by another iconic action star and Johnson’s Furious 7 co-star — Kurt Russell.

The Wrap reports that Johnson will star in and produce Big Trouble in Little China, based on Carpenter’s 1986 film. Like the original, the remake will center on American trucker Jack Burton, who gets caught up in an epic battle in San Francisco’s Chinatown district that’s been brewing for centuries. Big Trouble in Little China is reportedly Johnson’s favorite film (and now you know something else awesome about him), and the remake is being scripted by X-Men: First Class writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

This isn’t the only remake of a classic Carpenter action flick currently in development — a remake of Escape From New York has been struggling to get off the ground for years, but this one has something that one doesn’t: the power of Dwayne Johnson, who just led disaster flick San Andreas to a $54 million opening weekend at the box office.

Johnson also stars in Ballers, the new series which premieres on HBO this month.

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