Donald Glover keeps waking up much to his chagrin in his new trailer for his FX series, Atlanta. This is the third promo clip for the show, which the rapper-actor created, stars and executive produces in.

In the 45-second trailer, Glover plays his character Earnest Marks who finds himself waking up in different places. He’s first awoken from his slumber by a cute little baby. Then he’s shown waking up to his friends playing video games. He then gets shaken up by a kid banging a vacuum on the bed. Finally, he wakes up on a hammock wearing what appears to be his job uniform.

All of this to show how unpredictable the grind can be when you are a loner trying to find your way in the ATL.

Earlier this year, Glover told attendees at the Television Critics Association (TCA) tour that he wants viewers to invest in watching his series for the long haul because he's trying to set a tone for the show.

"I just wanted to make Twin Peaks with rappers," he said (via IndieWire).

Donald Glover's new series Atlanta will premiere on the FX Network on Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. EST.

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