Deniro Farrar isn't a household name in rap yet, but the North Carolina MC has already made himself the center of a movement, as the self-proclaimed leader of cult rap. He has amassed a passionate following, thanks to his mix of grizzled street lyrics, gravelly vocals, and an affinity for swirling, gloomy beats.

But to wrangle together your own dedicated horde, you also have to have a bit of cunning, and Deniro has that, too. He knows his particular angle is authenticity — his realness is the foundation of the movement — so he'll frequently trumpet it, calling out fakes and proclaiming "in a room full of rappers, I'm the fucking coldest." But just to be extra sure that he's as real as they come, we decided to put him through the rigorous ANTENNA Q+A after a recent set opening for DJ Mustard in Brooklyn.

We're happy to report Deniro Farrar was real as shit, and had some boiling hot takes on cartoons.

1. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

Rugrats. C'mon man, how could you not like Tommy, Chucky, Lil...

You kinda have the Chucky hair going!

He had this exact hairstyle. I love the show because it reminds me of when I still had that childhood innocence, when I would sit around and watch Nickelodeon all day. Snick, Nick at Nite, TGIF, come on bruh! Step by Step.

Family Matters, Full House.

Me and my boys always sit down and we try to name every '90s TV show that we fuck with.

When you watch the new cartoons with your kids, how do those compare?

Ah man, it's like music and movies now, it's fuckin' trash. Nothing is genuine anymore, it's like — there's swingman jerseys and the iron-on shit. Nothing is stitched anymore.

2. What's your favorite TV show now?

I don't really watch TV like that, so I gotta say the world news. That's technically not a show, but I don't really watch TV like that.

3. What's your go-to snack situation at the movies?

I stay away from candy, but my lady likes the white cheddar popcorn. See this is how they fuck shit up: They sell you the popcorn, then they sell you the flavors. They don't just sell you white cheddar popcorn.

4. Kobe or LeBron?

Kobe, c'mon man.

5. Who's your favorite Disney princess?

Cinderella. Well, the Little Mermaid was kind of a princess. Princess of the sea. Ya know what, Mermaid. Fuck Cinderella. Mermaid was pretty classy, I don't think many niggas slid up in that pussy.

6. When is the last time you Googled yourself, and why?

I do it quite often, I just like watching the progression of everything. To see where it's going, to see who's talking about me and what they're saying about me, and if there's anything I've missed.

7. What do you think happens when you die?

Life is about learning lessons. This is another life from a past life, because of past lessons we didn't learn. I feel like you'll come back again if you don't learn the lessons you're put on Earth to learn.

8. What's your stance on groupies?

Groupies are like CD players in cars, they come with 'em. That's how the rap game is.

9. When was the last time you cried?

A couple weeks ago, probably. Life gets hard, life gets overwhelming, sometimes you gotta cry. It's a cleanse. After you cry, you always feel better.

Like throwing up.

Throwing up outta your eyes. I threw up outta my eyes a couple weeks ago, 'cuz life just got the best of me and I was just like, man, fuck I need to cry right now.

10. And lastly... What's your shower routine like?

It varies because it depends on the allowed time I have to shower. Sometimes I have to get in there and just hit the main parts, the shit that people could possibly smell. All of my showers are pretty much fast. The only time I take a long shower is when I've got a lot on my mind or a lot of time on my hands.

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