In the current state of hip-hop, there's without a doubt a demand for women who spit legitimate bars. The two biggest female names in hip-hop right now, Nick Minaj and Iggy Azalea, have trounced the stereotype of the female MC who only makes poppy music without substance or lyricism behind it. And yet they've been able to strengthen rap's grip on mainstream pop, and Nicki is arguably the best rapper out of New York at the moment, an honor which still holds high regard, even if NY rap is in a transition period.

While the two women most definitely have a good sense of substance and syntax, both also benefitted greatly off of their sex appeal — a strategy that many feel is necessary for women aiming to be successful not only in the rapping world, but as a celebrity in general. In steps Snow Tha Product, a San Jose native of Mexican descent with a raspy voice and an attitude to match. Snow has slowly risen to YouTube stardom, amassing over 16.5 million views and a couple hundred thousand subscribers, with a loyal fan base that spans the globe. The interesting thing about Snow is that she has grown in popularity due to her rapping ability alone and without leaning on her physical attributes — and trust us when we say, it would be very easy for her to cash in on her looks. In Snow's own words, she's not a "cookie cutter bitch," and that's something we can fuck with heavily.

We caught up with the bilingual rapper and ran her through the ANTENNA Q+A gauntlet to get some of her hot takes on the dopest cartoons, Kanye or Drake, and what she thinks of the leader of the free world, Barry O. We also threw in a preview of Snow's new song "Bet That I Will," so get to know the rapper and hear her new shit below.

1. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?


2. When you go to the movie theater, what’s your must-have candy or popcorn situation?

Pretzel with cheese. I dip the pretzel in the cheese. I’m really depressed that New York doesn’t give you cheese with your pretzel.

3. What’s the best TV show out right now?

I like Shark Tank. That’s a TV show right? It’s good.

4. Kanye or Drake?

Both equally. I love them. I guess emotionally I connect more with Drake.

5. Favorite Disney Princess?

Probably Snow White.

6. When is the last time you Googled yourself, and why?

I don’t even know how long ago. Does YouTube count? Last night I was with my A&R at Atlantic and was like, “LOOK AT ME!”

7. What’s your shower routine?

Uhhhh long? Lately I have to use Keratin shampoo because my hair is, like, dead from dying it so much.

8. What do you think happens when you die?

Oh shit. [Pauses] Your soul goes somewhere. I don’t know where.

9. Tell us about your biggest heartbreak.

Fuck. I don’t know. Can I come back to that? I know I’m just going to wake up one day and be like, “I remember!”

10. President Obama, in one word?

“Disappointing.” He said he was going to help us Hispanics out and he hasn’t.

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