You may not watch sports at all, but chances are that if you’ve channel surfed past an NBA game, you’ve paused to take a look at Craig Sager’s suit game. If you didn’t know, he’s known for his garish garments, and Nike has decided to immortalize him with with this latest drop.

The Air Jordan 1 is given the responsibility of holding Sager down, and the silhouette’s unshakeable style does so perfectly. It’s all mixed up with prints from a few of his favorite looks over the years, and everything from houndstooth to plaid is included. The mixed up models also have mismatched outsoles, and if you flip to the bottom, you’ll see the words "Sage Vision" splashed across them in big block lettering.

As of right now, only two pair exist and DJ Khaled may or may not have both, but hopefully Nike will issue some sort of release for this incredible Air Jordan 1.

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