Fun fact: the only thing more satisfying than eating pizza is the feeling after you've ordered a pizza. You have that sense of "I have taken the necessary steps to abolish the hunger in my stomach and I've done it with food that will make me smile."

Well,  that smile can widen just a little bit, thanks to this pretty cool invention. PizzaTime is a clock that will order a Domino's pizza for you and even tracks the order, so you can know for sure if the delivery driver is out for a joyride or if he's running red lights to get to you before you pass out from starvation.

Like most things in life (but not all), money is necessary. Prior to ordering, you'll need to provide your credit card info and address, so the driver isn't just meandering around town with his window rolled down, shouting, "Who ordered a pizza from their clock?" Because that would make the delivery guy look like some kind of whacked burnout and no pizza delivery guy has ever come across that way.

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