In that nightmare scenario where your girl somehow meets and is wooed by a celebrity and ends up leaving you for him, there's the category of star, like Justin Bieber, who you'd be absolutely furious about. Then there's the Ryan Gosling category, where you'd be like "Ahh, I can't hate on the guy, and I can't blame her, WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE!" Chris Pratt has officially reached Gosling territory.

Now, I dunno if ladies swoon for him the way they do Gosling, and he's not quite at the level of citizen hero, breaking up fights and saving lives in the street. Is he a style icon? I have no idea. But the 35-year-old actor seems genuinely cool and normal, especially for a guy who went from goofy sitcom foil to "blockbuster movie star" out of nowhere in the space of a year.

It's been a gradual campaign to get to Gosling God Level, but the evidence has piled up in recent weeks. Earlier this month, he showed that he's just one of the guys, that we are all Chris Pratt, when he rapped Eminem's entire "Forgot About Dre" verse off the cuff. This was moments after he revealed he once lived in a van in Maui!

He also braided an intern's hair in the middle of an interview on Entertainment Tonight, which is just so random and weird that I don't even care to question the fact that he knows how to make a perfect French braid. Of course he knows how to make a perfect French braid, he's Chris Pratt!

Pratt then took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge at a point when everyone was completely sick of it, freshening up the form by ripping Blue Ice vodka and chugging a Smirnoff Ice, GET IT?, before getting doused.

Then on Wednesday (August 20), Pratt strolled into Children's Hospital Los Angeles dressed as his character from Guardians of the Galaxy, handing out toys, signing autographs, and visiting with kids who were too sick to take part in the movie screening.

Okay, yeah, we are all not Chris Pratt. But Chris Pratt is the new Ryan Gosling. Either that, or the male Jennifer Lawrence.

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