In the latest teaser for AMC's Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, the titular Saul Goodman is seen addressing some people in what appears to be a police precinct, and he has ditched that Irish accent — although, the short clip doesn't reveal if he has completed his transformation from Jimmy McGill to "a member of the tribe" at this point.

"I bet if we were in church right now, I’d get a big 'Amen,'" Goodman/McGill says in the context-free video, to crickets as usual. So it wasn't just Jesse Pinkman and Walter White who were immune to his charms.

Before this, we heard from Bob Odenkirk's iconic character in the form of a voicemail greeting that you could hear after calling a number on a billboard for James M. McGill, Attorney at Law, which was his pre-Goodman identity.

Better Call Saul premieres in February 2015 on AMC, and it already got renewed for a second season.

[via MTV]

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