Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul has begun its viral marketing campaign (not that it needs one: the show has been renewed for a second season despite not having premiered yet). And it's got levels. A fairly innocuous billboard for one James M. McGill, Attorney at Law, was spotted in Albuquerque, with a phone number. At first glance it seems like a legit lawyer ad. However, BB diehards may have remembered that Saul Goodman's real name is Jimmy McGill, and that he came up with the Jewish Saul persona "for the homeboys who want a member of the tribe."

So you've got Bob Odenkirk portraying a fake attorney's pre-fabricated-identity real identity, which is also embellished with a fake Irish accent, which you can hear on the voicemail greeting when you call the real phone number listed on a real billboard.

The accent isn't even worthy of a cereal commercial. Hear it below, from Vulture.

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