Man, it’s just all about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this week. And this movie doesn’t come out for almost another year! You’ve got the first teaser, you’ve got the first posters, and now there’s a new video, from Bleacher Report, that features NBA player DeAndre Jordan touring through Warner Bros. Studios’ Batman exhibit, and getting a special sneak preview of the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman costumes from Batman v Superman, along with the brand-new Batmobile. It’s not enough that he’s hugely successful and wildly rich? He gets to see the Batman costume before the rest of us too? Lucky son of a gun.

The video’s embedded above, and some screengrabs from the video are below. Though there are wide shots of Henry Cavill’s Superman (which basically looks like the same thing we saw in Man of Steel) and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (already seen in an official preview image, but looking more red and blue like the WW comics and less copper and bronze), but most of the juicy close-ups are of Ben Affleck’s Batman. You get great shots of the new chest emblem, bladed gauntlets, and utility belt. Plus there’s lots of footage of the Batmobile as well, which is described almost like a Transformer; it can raise up for jumps or lower down for cruising.

Batman v Superman opens on March 25, 2016. Again, that’s like a year away. But here’s what Batman (and his Batmobile) are going to look like right now.