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When you settle in to watch a movie like Avengers: Age of Ultron, you know you’re going to watch some CGI. You know those armies of killer robots only exist on a computer’s hard drive and you know that the Hulk left that bodybuilder with green body paint back in the ‘70s. And yet it would take an awfully jaded moviegoer to not admire these creations on a purely technical level. As the video above showcases, the computer generated effects in Marvel’s latest movie always look great ... but they especially look great when you start to see the CGI in the scenes that you didn’t think had any CGI.

The video (now removed) featured one of several visual effects houses tasked with bringing Joss Whedon’s film to life. Some of the before-and-afters are fascinating in their audacity – to see an empty street suddenly teeming with bad guys conjured out of code still boggles our mind. However, we really appreciate the little things, like the digital erasure of the cable that helps Chris Hemsworth lift Robert Downey Jr. off his feet with his super-strength or the tiny touches that transform a perfectly ordinary building into battle-damaged wreckage.

Check out the two images below if you want to take a longer look. The top example is particularly amusing. When Captain America and Black Widow round up the new Avengers in the film’s final scene, Don Cheadle wasn’t present. Vision’s cape didn’t exist on set. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany digitally switched places. Most importantly, the barebones set was transformed into a massive hangar. It’s pretty nutty stuff.

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