You don’t have to be a film school student to be jealous of Spike Lee’s sneaker collection as he’s had more than his fair share of special edition kicks over the years. This time, in advance of accepting his honorary Oscar, Nike chose to bless him with an award of their own.

The Air Jordan 6 Oscar Edition is a shimmering golden take on the retro release with a translucent blue tongue and pull tab. The golden feel is achieved by gold leafing, which is actually a thin sheet of gold that covers the sneaker's entire upper. These do a very effective job of invoking the feel of the Oscar award and while they could easily be considered as gaudy, it’s safe to say that Spike won’t be wearing them. He plans on sitting them on his mantel next to his Oscar.

So it goes without saying that you won’t be getting a pair of these unless you customize them for yourself. Even then, you’d still need to get an Oscar award to make the cypher complete.

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