Our first look at Supreme’s Jordan Brand collaboration was more of a direct hit than a warning shot as it boasted an upper like nothing we’ve ever seen on the silhouette before. And that was just the beginning.

There are still two more colorways of the model left to drop under the joint venture and today we finally get a look at the second pair. The news breaks right on time as well with it being Friday and all, so you can probably guess what our Sneaker of the Week is this time around.

The previous sneak peek took a hard left with a canvas desert storm camo upper, but this latest colorway is a bit more basic. An upper covered in black nubuck gives this pair a very familiar feel but things get mixed up a bit with the hits of red on the midsole and lining as those accents are usually reserved for the white leather colorway. The Supreme logo is found beneath the plastic side panel and '94 is stitched into the side of the shoe.

With two pairs down and one left to go, we are now left to speculate on what's to come. Will the sneakers take a similar approach and put those silver accents and a black lining on a white leather pair or will things go left for a pattern approach? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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