In Spike Lee's 1989 film Do the Right Thing, Nike’s footwear almost feels like a cast member since one of the movies most memorable moments revolves around the scuffed toe of an Air Jordan. While Spike has his own connection to the brand, it feels like every year the film itself lives out its own entirely different life with Nike as well.

While Radio Raheem’s shoe of choice in the film was the Nike Air Revolution, it appears that Nike has him getting out of character with a great new Air Jordan 2 release. The upper of the model is covered in black tumbled leather and nubuck with royal blue trim and three eyelets made to match the T-shirt he was rocking in the film. It’s a classy way to pay homage to such a pivotal character and one that even a person who’s never seen the film can appreciate.

You can find the Air Jordan 2 Radio Raheem at retailers at the top of 2016, so save up any Christmas cash you receive to cover the purchase.

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