The sneaker culture has always thrived by staying fly, fresh and unique. It’s the sole reason that limited edition kicks are so coveted. If you're one of the only people with a killer pair, you are winning. By that logic, being the only person with a pair means that you've won and the winner of the race this week is Jasmine Jordan. Her pair of Air Jordan 1s are so rare in fact that they deserve to be our Sneaker of the Week.

In full disclosure, Jasmine is the daughter of Michael Jordan, which makes her privy to an unimaginable cache of kicks. But never mind that, let's just focus on this pair. She ignited Instagram by showing off a pair of Air Jordan 1 Highs in green crocodile-printed suede. The shoes are as insane as they sound and the gold and gum trim only serves to feed the frenzy.

We hope that this is all part of a marketing plan and this colorway is going to pop up at a Nike retailer in some supply soon. Even if they don’t, the lone takeaway here is that if you follow Jasmine on the 'gram, you may end up seeing some high-key heat either on foot or just sitting in the background.

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